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Group Leaders FREE Incentives...

Canadian Xtreme Adventures promises to ensure all customers are always treated with the utmost respect, by our trained and professional Staff and Tourguides, while offering memorable tours with the very best customer service.

Ski/Ride for FREE Incentives

Canadian Xtreme wants to reward you the group leader for all your efforts in selling and organizing your tour:
      1.  FREE package with 22 paid 
      2.  FREE packages with 44 paid
Thank you packages for all Group Organizer

Group Booking Package

Canadian Xtreme Adventures appreciates how much work you the group leader, has invested into booking your group tour. We will help you along your journey until the tour departs. Here is how we will assist your tour:   
       1.  Posters - emailable or printable
       2.  Easy sign up sheets with online credit card payment option
       3.  Pre-hotel registration forms
       4.  Pre-departure waiver forms

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